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After 25 years experience with horses I decided to continue my personal development within the equestrian industry, make horses my career and qualify in equine veterinary physiotherapy after one of my horses suffered an injury which meant close attention to his rehabilitation was needed. I wanted to be able to improve his wellbeing, understand and help the recovery process, so we could continue our journey together. Now this passion of mine has extended to helping all types of horses in different disciplines whether it be a check-up or a full rehabilitation case.

I use a wide range of physiotherapy techniques including massage, electrotherapy and myofascial release to name a few, with rehabilitation livery also available at our family farm. I am continually adding to my personal skill-set, increasing my knowledge and skills through cpd courses, enabling me to make more informed assessments of individual horses in line with current research. I have undertaken further advanced qualifications in equine massage, biting, saddle fitting and nutrition to be able to support my clients with best advice possible.


Photo of Me

My other passion is my own three horses! After many years of working within my family's racing stable, where I have been involved in their training and particularly in their down-time conditioning. I have successfully retrained and rehabilitated them - and others, to ensure they have a fulfilling life in their post-racing careers. I compete in mainly dressage but also enjoy showing, show jumping, cross country, hunter trials and fun rides. I understand that each horse is an individual and needs to be treated accordingly, this is an important aspect I take through into my professional work.


All horses can benefit from physiotherapy whether a happy hacker, a performance horse, a horse at rest or on rehabilitation. It is a means of restoring, maintaining and improving function.

When a horse is physically compromised, say a sore joint, muscle or ligament it is threatened by injury and the horse will adjust its way of going, compensating and taking the affected body part out of action. This is why it is important to manage our horses physical condition on a regular basis as a preventative for injury.

Physiotherapy involves the use of different techniques to achieve that optimum function of our horses.

Electrophysical Agents - This is the umbrella term for therapeutic machines that are used as part of my skills set. This includes phototherapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, ultrasound and neuromuscular electro stimulation.

Strength and Suppleness - A core part of any treatment and ongoing maintenance. A means of assessing the horses strength and ability as well as being able to work with owners and trainers, providing comprehensive exercise plans dependant on each case.

Stretching - A great way of being able to help the horse release tension, improve flexibility, maintain muscle function and keep optimum range of movement through the joints.

Massage - The horses body is made up of approximately 60% muscle, it is an essential part of the horse to enable the body to function efficiently. It is very easy just as it is for humans for horses to suffer from muscular discomfort. This can impede their performance by causing them to compensate for any pain or discomfort they maybe feeling, inhibiting their correct way of moving.

Massage is a manipulation of the soft tissues in the body and I will apply techniques which I have studied in my training to identify and relieve any tightness,spasms,muscle adhesions and irregular muscle tone. Traditional Swedish massage techniques are applied as well as friction massage, myofacial release and trigger point therapy.

Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Perkins

There are many advantages to physiotherapy from wound healing to helping aid recovery as part of a rehabilitation plan;

- Improves range of movement; A horse that is more efficient in its stride means there is less wear and tear on joints,ligaments and tendons. Improved gait means a more flexible and agile horse which applies to all disciplines. It can also reduce stiffness in joints, keep them supple, flexible and ease any soreness which may be apparent.

- Behaviour; A horse may show a different or unpleasant behaviour if in pain or discomfort, physiotherapy can help to relieve these symptoms making for a happier horse. Treatments are generally very relaxing and enjoyed by most horses.

- Improves stamina; If a horse is working in a more efficient manner it will help improve stamina and performance.

- Increasing circulation/blood flow; Improved circulation can help eliminate toxins from the body more effectively, improve the function of the lymphatic system and help promote healing.

- Assisting rehabilitation; Physiotherapy techniques assist the body in its ability to heal, recover and regain its strength. Each technique used is dependant on each individual case.

- Maintaining good physical condition; Through soft tissue techniques, stretches and strengthening exercises physiotherapy can be part of the ongoing routine that keeps our horses condition at the best it can be.

Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Perkins

- shortened stride
- toe dragging
- difficulty picking up correct canter lead
- disunited canter
- struggling with lateral movements
- stiffness
- slow to warm up
- preferring one rein to another
- knocking down jumps

- uneven feeling
- hollowing
- avoiding contact
- reluctant to go long and low behind the vertical
- reluctance to go forward
- reluctant to grooming in certain areas
- unhappy being tacked up
- reacting to touch by kicking or biting


Initial Assessment


I will do a visual and physical assessment to get an initial impression of your horse. This also includes an analysis of their gait in walk and trot. I will discuss any past or current injuries, problems and concerns you have before proceeding with treatment.

Initial Treatment


A full physiotherapy session will take place which can take up to an hour. Any physical discomfort will be addressed using techniques such as massage, myofascial release and electrophysical agents, most horses find this a pleasant and relaxing experience. The treatment will be finished with some passive stretches and any recommendations for maintaining your horses physical condition can be discussed.
Please allow 1.5 hours for the entire treatment.

Follow up treatments will be dependent on the findings of the assessment and treatment. These maybe necessary within a few weeks or months depending on your planned intentions with the horse.

PRICE: £50


- There is no charge for travel within 30 minutes of Newent. Please contact me to discuss travel to further locations.

- All therapists need permission from your vet before carrying out any treatments (Veterinary Act 1966). I will need written or verbal confirmation from them, I am also happy to contact your horses vet on your behalf before the initial treatment.

- Ridden assessments of horse and rider are available upon request.

- If possible please book an appointment outside of yard feeding and turnout times.

- Depending on the treatment outcome it is sometimes suggested that horses will benefit from a day off post treatment to help any muscles re-balance and adjust.

- Please ensure horses are clean and dry prior to treatment.

- Ideally the owner needs to be present but please inform me if an alternative responsible person will be in attendance.


I am a qualified, accredited and insured equine physiotherapist. My training and qualification allows me to treat physical problems. If I believe any conditions found are outside of my professional field I will recommend that your horse is seen by your vet.
Member of The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP)
Member of The Animal Health Professions' Register (AHPR)

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All CDRC members are entitled to a 15% discount upon presentation of their membership number. Discounts can be discussed for any block bookings please contact me for more information.


Pitt House Green Stables is a small family run yard based just outside of Dymock, within 15 minutes of Hartpury College, Ross on Wye and Ledbury on the border of the three counties in Gloucestershire.
We currently offer DIY, assisted or rehabilitation livery on our relaxed and friendly yard in the heart of our 100 acre farm.


Our facilities available to all liveries include:
- A new floodlit 45x23m silica sand and fibre all weather surface which has proved to hold up to all weather conditions
- 15m fenced sand and rubber lunge pen
- A set of good quality show jumps including fillers
- Off road hacking throughout the farm with a large canter track
- Hours of off site hacking along quiet country lanes and bridal paths through the adjacent Queens Woods
- Well managed and cared for fields for grazing, with mains fencing, shelters and automatic water in each field. Fields are regularly rotated to allow for fresh grazing which are harrowed and rolled
- Turnout is in small carefully managed herds, 24/7 grazing usually available between April to October, turnout available throughout the Winter
- Comfortable, spacious and easy to clean stables
- Large individual tack rooms and barn space for storing bedding and hay
- Straw and hay available for sale. Shavings and alternative bedding permitted
- No set opening times for those wanting flexibility to care for their horse around working hours and commitments

Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Perkins

Lindsay is a fully qualified Equine Physiotherapist with 25 years of equine experience. There is space available for two rehabilitation cases at a time to ensure each horse gets the highest standard of care. With access to great facilities and the relaxed environment ensures the time the horse is with us is of utmost benefit to the healing process.

Livery and rehabilitation programmes are composed according to your horse's needs and requirements. We are happy to work closely with your own professionals or with our own highly regarded vets, farriers, saddlers and therapists.

Your horse will have access to the full range of physiotherapy treatments from massage to daily use of electrophysical agents such as ultrasound, phototherapy and NMES.

Daily exercise where appropriate can be tailored to your horse with excellent off road tracks for long reining, secure arena for schooling and facilities for strengthening work all available.

Individual, controlled turn out is available for those that require it, we aim to minimise boredom in the field and stable for those on restricted turnout plans.

Wound care and nutrition expertise and services can be provided in line with your horses needs.

Full rehabilitation livery packages available, due to the detailed nature of rehabilitation we cost on a case by case basis, so please get in touch for further details.

Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Perkins

We are predominately a DIY livery yard but are happy to help with holiday cover or assist on an ad hoc basis. DIY prices start at £130 not including bedding or hay.


Lindsay is highly recommended. She is very knowledgeable and in the hour plus that she spend with Jaro, passed on some of that knowledge and made insightful recommendations to us. - Glenn Lloyd

My horse Belle really enjoyed her massage and she must have had a really good nights sleep because her box was very tidy! Usually it's the worst on the yard as she doesn't relax! - Gaelle Dierick

My point to pointer loved his treatment with Lindsay! She told me exactly what was where and gave me pointers as to what to do to help him at home! Would highly recommend!!! I would highly recommend Lindsay. Reliable, and really knows her job! - Maisie Rollason

Lindsay was absolutely brilliant with my horse Merlin, who has a bit of a repertoire for being a naughty with treatments, she was incredibly patient and he stood like a gem the entire time! I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone who would like their horse massaged, her kind and understanding nature with horses is second to none. Thank you so much, Merlin looks forward to his next session! - Emily Fleetwood

Highly recommend! I’ve got a much happier little pony now after massages and advice to get saddle looked at! - Abi Rodgerson



Newent, Gloucestershire
Phone: 07581343847
Email: info@LPequinetherapy.co.uk
Facebook: @LPequinetherapy

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The personal data I collect about you will include data relating to your name and address, and the health and history of your animal. This data will be securely stored for up to 7 years, and will only be used by myself for communication with you. It will be used as a record of your animal and any changes that may occur in their health, well-being or performance. You may have access to it, and have the right to ask it to be erased. Should you have a complaint, you have the right to request contact details of the supervising authority / Association in order to lodge this. Information will only be shared with the animal's vet or other professionals as requested by you and the animal's vet.